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A fast, asynchronous, event-driven framework for PHP. Designed around multi-threading and non-blocking architecture, execute applications and utilise resources more efficiently.

Take advantage of coroutines and non-blocking IO and create highly scaleable applications with a purpose built framework.

Built-in HTTP Web Server

Integrated Connection Pool

Automatic Coroutine Scheduler

Task Scheduler

Native PHP Coroutines/Fibers

Multiprocess & Multithreaded Design

Coroutine Enabled Database Clients

Sync & Async Programming

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# A full stack asynchronous PHP framework

Powerful and rapid custom URI Router, easy to use and feature rich.

Custom built Templating system tailor made to suit the framework workflow.

Built in security for CSFR, XSS, SQL Injection, Encryption and Authorisation.

Automatic SSL installation via Ley's Encrypt.

Rapid async server clients for Redis, MySQL and file system access.

Support for modal notifications and email delivery.

Based on modern MVC standards and conventions. Everything is organised for you so you can start building.

No complex XML or YAML configuration, plain and simple to get started and getting you working on your idea.

# Application use cases with Voltis

API Development

Build a web or mobile API server, Voltis is built with API development in mind, making it easier for you to create something great. A REST service is a breeze with Voltis.

Real Time Services

A live chat application? Event tracking and monitoring? No matter what real time application you want to build, it is easy to use the power of Voltis and PHP to build something to handle real time loads.

Web Application

Create the next startup or SaaS with Voltis, built from the ground up based on the Swoole project to aid you in full stack async web application development.

Game Server

A game server needs a backend. Voltis is ready to handle thousands of connections and scale with you using its asynchronous paradigm. Based on Swoole, Voltis can do everything at once, database processing, tasks and events etc.

Event Based Development

Taking full advantage of event based programming, Celeste utilises the Swoole epoll/kqueue kernel to bring rapid performance to your PHP application and its users.

Data Management

Designed to manage multiple requests at once, it is possible to concurrently handle ~10K MySQL read requests in 0.2s! Using the Swoole Coroutine paradigm, building an application to process huge amounts of data is no problem, you just need the idea.

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A modern framework based on modern technologies and standards

# A foundation for your next big project

An open MVC framework for ambitious developers, build the next creative idea with...

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# About

A PHP project purposely built to explore the asynchronous and non-blocking code capabilities of the PHP language. Over the years PHP has evolved, allowing developers to write flexible asynchronous and concurrent web applications, with the transition from stateless to stateful programming.

Voltis is a framework which enables you to take advantage of an asynchronous programming in a full-stack flavour and utilises bespoke solutions and existing libraries within the PHP ecosystem to bring you the best experience.

Managed and written by Luke Embrey and Daniel Share.